Monday, November 28, 2011

I was a bit put out today.

But first the good news. Although it was late when I went to bed, I managed to sleep for 6 hours or so. And after breakfast, I finished off the scripts for the radio programmes that we will be recording this week for Radio Anglais.

I had to rush though as the 3rd XI were playing away at Combronde at 13:00 but Percy Penguin chose that moment to ring me.
"You fell on your head? It might knock some sense into you".
It's nice to have friends, isn't it?

And so at Combronde, 5 minutes late and the place all deserted. No-one around at all. So what's going on here?

Anyway, that was an hour and a half and 75 kilometres wasted. I fuelled up an went off to Ceyssat for the 1st XI match. That long drive took me round by the Puy de Dome - right past the foot of it, and it was remarkable to notice the change in the weather. From here to round about St Bonnet it was grey miserable and overcast. But south of there we had glorious sunshine. The Puy de Dome (and you pass within about 200 metres of it) was especially nice. But once over the Col de Ceyssat I drove straight into a fog and that was that.

I met Bernard the club president. he said that the 3rd XI match was cancelled, and so I berated him for not sending me a text - I told him last night that I would be going. It's a couple of times that they have done this on me.

But the match cheered meupconsiderably. Olby-Ceyssay were a pretty poor side and Pionsat had no trouble whatever in demolishing them 4-0, hardly breaking sweat in doing so. it's a shame that they can't play like that every week.

At Terry and Liz's, we rehearsed our radio programmes - we're recording next week. Liz had baked potato pie and rice pudding for afters, even giving me a doggy bag and a lump of fruitcake. It's that kind of thing that makes it wothwhile having good friends, and helps me to forget all of the worries and disagreements.

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