Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's really difficult to sleep when you can only sleep in one position. Each time I rolled over into another position something else hurt. And coupled with that,I suffer from bad attacks of cramp every now and again and last night I had not one but two attacks. And that was probably the worst bit.

it was dawn when I finally managed to go to sleep and ...gulp ... 12:34 when I awoke.  

So waht  did today was to work on the notes for the radio programme. For the next few weeks we'll be discussing winter driving techniques, as well as all of the usual stuff.

Tonight at Pionsat the 2nd XI were playing against Clermont franco-Algerians and were totally played off the park. Even when the opponents had a man sent off (two yellow cards for insulting the referee - how silly can you get?) they still had enough in the tank to demolish a weak Pionsat side than managed only two shots on target (and scored two goals as well) during the whole match.

The number of times Clermont broke through the weakest Pionsat defence that I have ever seen (and I've seen some weak ones just recently) and blazed over the bar from five yards out - never mind only scoring 4, 14 would have been more like it.

By the way, excuse the poor quality of the photo. Not only did we have the usual problems to contend with, the match was played in a very thick fog and there were moments when I thought that the match would never be finished. 

I'm starting to get worried. If Pionsat's 2nd XI are relegated to the 4th Division the 3rd XI will have to go into hibernation. And that won't be at all popular.


  1. I'm not surprised that it's uncomfortable and you ache. Cramp on top of all that is bad luck though. :0( Take care.

  2. Thanks, Joy. I appreciate the sympathy.