Saturday, November 26, 2011

You would have been in stitches ...

... watching me cut down the conifers at the front of the barn this afternoon. I'm not in stitches - I'm in staoles. 6 of them! All across the top of my head.

I did something today that I vowed that I would never do - and that is to use a power tool to cut down a tree. When you are sawing away by hand, you can feel the tree start to give and you have plenty of time to move out of the way as it slowly keels over. But with a power tool you can't hear it and it takes you by surprise. And that's not good if you are 3 metres up a ladder. So it caught me under the chin, lifted me off the ladder and dropped me on the floor where my head struck the trailer with a glancing blow.

But I'm inpressed with that Ryobi 18-volt saw that I bought in the USA last year. It didn't take long at all to go through this tree. Look on the positive side.

I was bleeding everywhere and so I went to Rob and Nicolette's to get Nicolette to look at it as I couldn't see anything of course. One look from her and Rob was detailed to drive me to Montlucon. We waited for a couple of hours there (and I chatted to the father of one of the Pionsat footballers who had been admitted following a car accident) and then I was examined and stapled up. What a waste of time. I have a stapler at home and Rob could have done that without having to waste 4 hours of his time. But I was grateful for his help - it's nice to have good neighbours.

Of course we had all of the old jokes - "the Doctor examined your head but found nothing" and all that kind of thing. But one piece of optimism is that many things work better if you give them a kick or if you bang them. I wonder if that will work for me now.

But I was only cutting down the trees for something to do while I was waiting for some paint to dry. It was so nice again today that I gathered up all of the pieces of wood from the greenhouse and I've painted them with a couple of coats of wood treatment and the first coat of the wood staining. I was going to give it the second coat this evening and then start to assemble it tomorrow but badger that. I'm going to have a day off tomorrow.

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