Thursday, November 24, 2011

I've not done a great deal today.

I started off by sweeping out the front of the lean-to where I'd been working these last few days. Once that was clean I started to cut up some of the tree trunks from the trees that I had cut down a few years ago. Winter is onlyjust around the corner and there's no point in having a decent fire if I don't have any decent wood to put in it. But the saw that I'm using isn'tup to much and I need to get a really expensive one.

But it was round about then that the fun started. I had someone from Canada ringing me up about supplying him with product and so I had to sort that out. And that got me sorting out another pile of orders too for other things and I ended up spending about 2 hours on the phone.

Not that I'm complaining though. With a trade card and a SIREN (a French trade registration) I'm getting some astonishing deals all along the line and it's about time I started to make a bit of money. So more power to my elbow, say I.

In between the rest of the phone calls (yes, we were having another one of those days) I managed to put a few lengths of tongue-and-groove on the stud wall just so that it looks like there's something positive coming out of today. It's a shame that the light goes so early otherwise I'd be still out there. It's not like me to be so enthusiastic as this.

I could of course put light into the lean-to but there's an issue with that. I can't find my metre-long SDS bit that I need to make a pilot hole in the right place. And this is what I bought it for, would you believe? Mind you finding anything at all around my place is next to impossible as I'm sure you all know already.

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