Thursday, November 24, 2011

I've finished ...

... building the staircase to the first floor in the lean-to, and so you can really say that it's upstairs now.

The staircase is more like a ladder in a sense, because it has rungs rather than stairs, but then again there's only a confined space to work in so it can't be helped.

And you can see the studding that's in front of the stairs. That's going to be covered in tongue and grooving in very early course. The washroom, when it'sfinished, will be a sort-of U-shape, from the back studding, down the side wall and then down to front wall to where the camera was when I took this shot.

It doesn't quite look like that now though. There's a diagonal bracing across it now - to stiffen it all up and it's all quite solid now. It'll be even better when it's cladded. 

You can just about make out the gap in the rear studding where the gas bottle will be coming and going through. And I'll be covering that wall as well,once I've cut up all the wood in the rear section and moved it out for burning. As you can see, this is something of a long-term project.

And in other news, my window for the living room is ready. I'll have to go to pick that up this weekend.

And in other other news, I seem to have become something of an unofficial sports reporter for the local newspaper. Following Marianne's suggestion, I've been sending some of the photos of Pionsat's opponents to the reporter covering the town where they come from. And now twice - two weeks in succession, the reporter has asked me to send in a match report.


  1. It looks like you've room to do wider steps, which would be safer than rungs in the long run. Imagine trying to carry something down the stairs if you leave it with just rungs.

  2. I know what you mean, but it's only a temporary kind of arrangement. In the long term there will be a balcony outside at the front, with steps up to there from outside.