Monday, November 7, 2011

We had more football today of course.

Mind you, we nearly didn't. If Percy Penguin hadn't sent me a text I probably would be still in bed asleep right now.

After a hurried breakfast I shot off to St Maurice to watch the fist half of the 3rd XI's match.  It was 1-0 when I left, due to another screamer from Xavier, 20 yards out.

He's big and rather ponderous but sometimes he pulls something out that is so unexpected. And he can be like that too when he's playing football.

He has probably the most powerful shot of any footballer I have ever seen, and like this one today, many a goalkeeper has put both hands on the ball but it hasn't done the slightest bit of good.

If there hadn't been a net in that goal, the ball would have probably made it all the way to the Atlantic without bouncing.

It turns out that they lost 2-1 in the match and that makes me wonder what happened in the match because they were well ahead in the game from what I saw. But then it's always going to be difficult for the 3rd XI without a recognised goalkeeper and Iwish that the club would make more effort to find one for them.

From there I had to drive like hell to the suburbs of Riom to watch the 1st XI in the match against Malauzat. And that was a hard-fought game that turned out to be very bad-tempered, and what made me happy in one sense was that most of the physical stuff was beingdished out by Pionsat.

I've criticised them before for being something of a lightweight side, easily hustled off the ball, but nothing like that today. The opposing players were becoming all wound up, the opposing specators  were baying at the ref, and it all made absolutely no difference as Pionsat won 2-1, with two of the best goals that I have ever seen at this level of football. The one scored by Jerome was particularly outstanding.

And so back home in the miserable depressing rain to find out that it has been miserable and depressing here all day and there's been almost no solar energy today.

It's still raining now - misty and foggy outside andit's probably going to stay like this until next summer. But it's not important because if it is raining tomorrow I can finish off the steps and I've also bought the boards to make the worktops in the washroom bit. I also need to work out where I'm going to put the front door. That has come with its frame and so I reckon that it will be easier to fit it before it's glazed as the door will be lighter and so easy to manipulate. I can then take the door out of the frame and have it glazed   

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