Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a depressing miserable day.

I woke up to a hanging cloud stuck on the mountain this morning. It was enough to make me turn over and go back to sleep.

And when I did finally heave myself out of the stinking pit it was still there. And it's been there all day and not moved an inch. And it's still there even now. There's been nosolar energy in the barn, and about 4 amp-hours here in the house. Winter is definitely here.

The batteries have gone flat on the anenometer on the house, and so that was the cue for me to get up on the roof and take it down. I then made a framework bracket out of aluminium and put the new one up on the side of the house. Not that I needed to bother because the wind that we have received here today can be measured in minutes. A far cry from the 20 hours of wind the other day.

After lunch, despite the grey damp conditions I carried on pointing the side of the house. It'll take ages to dry of course in this weather but at least it won't be freezing and so it will have the time to dry out. It's important that it's properly dry before the frost gets to it. I did quite a lot, looking at it when I finished, and another two good days might see it finished if I am lucky and the weather holds out.

At the Anglo-French group tonight, I had a good chat to Bill. It seems that this house repair stuff is getting to be contagious as this week he's restarted work on his house. Good for him! 

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