Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've not been feeling myself today.

"And quite right, too" I hear you say. And I think that some of it has to do with shock. Shock of being wide awake and compos mentis, or rather, as compos mentis as I can be, long before the alarm went off. And that's not something that happens every day either.

And breakfast was interrupted by a phone call - seems that there's a panic down at the footy club and so I had to sort that out as well.

When I finally made it outside, I had to reposition all of the planks on the scaffolding to get to where I need them for the next round of pointing and once I had done that, I could carry on. For some reason, this has taken longer than I expected and I don't know why. I'm also on my last bag of sand and so I'll have to go down to the quarry this week and get some more. That means pulling the Sankey trailer out of the undergrowth,which should be exciting.

But where I am now is the last bit of the pointing that I can do on the scaffolding. The rest will have to be done off a ladder. And so before I take down the scaffolding, I'll have to put up the wind turbine on the side of the house. That's going to be exciting, trying to get that up on my own. And it's complicated too as because of the roof overhang, I need to do some engineering to get it to work.

And when that's done, and the scaffolding is down, I can fit the roof on the lean-to. If I can get that far before the end of the year I shall be well-impressed. I've come a long way this autumm. 

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