Thursday, November 10, 2011

I bet that you are fed up ...

... of hearing me talking about this wall. But not long now. I'm sitting on the scaffolding planks doing the last row that I can, and there's just about 90cms underneath that that I will have to do from a ladder. But that can't be done until I've moved the scaffolding,and that can't be done until I've mounted the wind turbine (I don't half do some weird things around here) and then there's a strip that I can't reach from the scaffolding - that's going to be a ladder job too. 

I'm likely to run out of sand tomorrow and so rather than get out the Sankey, what I'll do is simply to go to the quarry with a dozen or so sacks and bag it up myself there. That's much more sensible, I reckon. But I can't believe that I've used so much sand. There was more than a trailer-load here before I started. 

At about 17:40 it became too dark to work and so,by the light of the solar lamps around here I started to tidy up at the front of the house. I've been pulling up weeds and putting them in the brazier that I bought the other week. When they have dried out I can have a bonfire. There's piles of other stuff that can go on the fire as well. High time I had a tidy up.

But it's all getting to be quite exciting around here just now.There might even be a roof on the lean-to before long and won't that be progress?

And remember the thumb that has a lime burn on it? I've hit it with a hammer today. It's not having much luck, is it?

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