Sunday, November 20, 2011

Well, I'm a bit disappointed today.

In the last 24 hours we've had 21 hours of recordable wind and the turbine has been going round like the clappers. And do you know what? There's not even one watt recorded on the dial.

A quick check revealed that there's no current reaching the battery bank. That's sad. I checked the two joints to the wind turbine and they seem to be working fine - a little piazo buzzer was ringing like Big Ben - and so it's either going to be the final joint o else there's a break in the cable somewhere. That's going to be a job for the multimeter on Monday morning.

But it was certainly encouraging to see how the thing was going around today. And of course, all the time that it was going round, the big one didn't move a muscle. It proves my point that a small turbine can quite often produce more energy than a large one.

This afternoon I went to St Eloy where I spent next-to-nothing again but I did do a mega-wash at the launderette. That's cheered me up. All clean clothes again. All I need to do is to find a way of getting me nice and clean as well, and then I can have nice new bedding.

It was the Annual General Meeting of Pionsat Patrimoine this afternoon and interesting as it might be, I still can't deal with the egoes and the people who take 100 words to say either yes or no - and then say it 10 times over.

No footy tonight - Gerzat couldn't raise a team to play the 2nd XI. But there was a game on at Marcillat, and that provided me with the biggest laugh that I have had for quite a while.

A goalkeeper and a forward went for a 50-50 ball and the keeper came off worse. It was a foul but a genuine attempt to play a loose ball with no malice whatsoever. The ref,in his wisdom, shows the Gannat forward a yellow card.

Outrage from the Gannat bench - and quite rightly so if you ask me. "We have to protect the goalkeepers" shouted the ref. 30 seconds later we have an almost-identical situation and this time it's the forward who comes off worse And no yellow card. And in the silence of the still night up on the plateau where Marcillat play, the  Gannat trainer bellows out (and I mean Bellows Out- he could be heard back in Gannat I reckon) "and you have to protect the forwards too!"

The whole ground collapses in laughter,except for the ref who clearly has no sense of humour whatever and goes over to talk to the trainer.

Well, I wasn't the only one who thought it funny. And that makes a change. 



  1. The size of the blades is the only thing that matters with a turbine. If inertia is larger than the power produced from the blade surface area, it's not going to do much. If the blades are bigger then that changes everything and it should work. The problem comes when the pressure exceeds what the turbine is capable of withstanding. This is generally why vertical turbines are a better idea.

  2. That's a bit of a non-sequitor, isn't it?