Monday, November 21, 2011

We had a footfest today.

We were down at Montel de Gelat for the whole afternoon watching the 3rd XI take on the 2nd XI of Montel-Villosanges, followed by the 1st XI taking on the 1st XI of the Chimps.

The 3rd XI were a man short and with no goalkeeper either (chapeau to Xavier to donning the gloves) once again, and lost 1-0 to a disputed penalty. For much of the game they were playing as if it were they who had the extra men and they never looked in any danger against one of the worst teams I have ever seen. With a couple of extra players to make up a decent pool of players, and with a proper goalkeeper, they could - and should - have demolished this side. The Pionsat administration needs to be asking itself a few serious questions about how seriously they are taking the 3rd XI, as I have said before.

As for the 1st XI they conceded two soft goals - one being an unchallenged header from a free kick and the second when a defender pulled up with a hamstring chasing a loose ball, allowing an attacker a free shot at goal.

But all that Matthieu had to do in the game was to pick the ball out of the net on those two occasions. For the rest of the match he was pretty much a spectator, not like his opposite number who was in the thick of the action for most of the game.

How the Pionsat side only managed to score 2 is one of those things that people will be asking for years to come because the 1st XI weren't any better at football than their reserves. They were however much better at punching and kicking their opponents, and collapsing like a sack of potatoes any time a Pionsat player got within 10 yards of them. And we had a mass brawl in the closing stages of the game, with even the Chimps trainer becoming involved in the action.

With a few other incidents that were just as unsavoury, I wasn't sorry when the final whistle was blown.

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