Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Well, I'm stumped.

"Howzat?" I hear you ask. And I'm going to tell you.

When Terry and I were doing the preparations for the new roof, we put a conduit through the wall and into this conduit we put 3 pairs of 6mm wire. 1 pair was for bank 1 of the solar panels, 1 pair was for bank 2, and the third pair was for the wind turbine. The two banks of solar panels are wired in and doing what they are supposed to be doing when and where they are supposed to do it, but putting an ohm-meter onto the third pair for the wind turbine, there is no circuit in EITHER of the two wires. I just don't understand this at all. I can't think why this should be.

And so anyway I connected up two wires in a kind-of ad-hoc connection and they are working fine and are now connected into the circuit. And the surprising thing about this (although not surprising if you know anything about me) is that despite the last few days having tons and tons of powerful wind, the wind dramatically dropped the moment I connected up the wires. You could not have timed it better.

What I've also done is to make up the four guy ropes that will hold the wind turbine mast in position. I need some special wall anchor mountings for this and I can only get them in the UK at Screwfix. Unfortunately my last order didn't go through in time and so I can't get this part done until I go to the UK and come back. I don't have my contacts to post me stuff these days.

Terry said that he'll come round some time and help me push the pole up another metre or so - height is definitely might in these circumstances. I've dismantled part of the scaffolding already and the rest can go as soon as the turbine is in its final position. Once that's out of the way I can make a start on the roof and I'm eager to get going with that.

"Not a lot of work today" I hear you say. But this does not include the relentless string of telephone calls,and also of visits that I had today. For once I seem to be popular. I wonder what's up.

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