Friday, December 2, 2011

Going to bed early ...

... is still no good if you rollover onto your staples at 04:00. It's flaming painful and you can't go back to sleep again.

And so I was up early again and breakfasted, and then I went out to cut more wood. Thats a couple more of the old chevrons and the tree trunks from 2 years ago all ready to burn. But then I had another idea and I cleared a space near the front gate and laid out a couple of pallets. And then I moved one of the wood piles - the one that was at the side of the lean-to. That's now at the front of the house and will be easy to get to in the winter, whenever that might be.

Where that pile of wood was is at the side of the lean-to on a concrete pad that was formerly the base of a chicken coop. It's now covered with plastic roof tiles - I did a safari around the garden and hunted down all that I can find ready for doing that roof, whenever that might be. I also took out the hardboard from the back of Caliburn and I've stood that upon the concrete pad. Even though it's for exterior use, I've covered it up with a tarpaulin to protect it for a while.

All that's left in Caliburn is the window and that's rather heavy. But I have a cunning plan for that.

When it went dark I fetched a shelving unit that I had forgotten and I have put it in the bathroom. I've started making a tour of the upper floors rescuing tools and so on, so that I know where everything might be. But that's not so easy as there's just so much stuff. I really ought to have a good tidy up sometime.

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