Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Friday...

... and this is the last Friday that I'll be spending here for a week or two as I'm hoping to go to the UK at the end of next week.

And despite having gone to bed quite late I was still awake at about 07:00. This sleep thing is becoming ridiculous.

We arrived at the radio station at about 10:40 for our 11:00 appointment and eventually it was about 11:47 before we started recording. We did the four programmes for December and then I was asked if I could write another Christmas Special to be broadcast in ... errrr .... 2 weeks time. I shall have to get my finger out, won't I?

We got back to Liz's 20 minutes late after all of that and I shot off to Montel to pick up a load of timber. I had to wait around there for ages as well as they didn't (despite what they said on the 'phone) have any treated wood so they treated it while I waited, and that took ages too. And while I was there I was chatting with the staff and it turns out that the office girl is the wife of the Montel goalkeeper whose photo that I took was published in the paper the other week, and the office manager plays for Pontaumur and one of my photos of him scoring against Pionsat was published a few weeks ago.

There were two clients there from Pionsat too. One of them had an old Transit pick-up that was clearly custom-made. A PTAC of 3.3 tons for a start - that's impressive. And he had so much wood dropped in it that it was sagging right down and he crawled all the way back to Pionsat at 40kph. 

And when I returned home and unloaded my wood I realised that I had forgotten the demi-chevrons to finish off the greenhouse. D'ohhhh. And so I went upstairs and crashed out for a while.

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