Friday, December 23, 2011

I hate Brussels

Espcially when I am trying to sleep and there are trams clanging past, police cars racing by, doors slamming, people shouting. And here is me, having once complained about being awoken by an owl screeching. I can't wait to return home and I promise that I won't ever complain again.

And so this morning I went a-hunting for a pair of boots seeing as the ones that I bought in Canada have split right across the sole. But having seen the prices in Brussels, I'll limp around with soggy feet for the rest of my life. Extortionate isn't the word.

Better news at IKEA though where I bought one of my "planktrolley" specials - a trolley loaded up with odds and ends of doors. This one has a set of bed laths (which was what I wanted), 2 other sets, a baby's cot, a load of wood that will do for shelving, some heat-treated glass shelves, all kinds of useful and exciting things - and all for €10 too. That was money well-spent as well. The interesting bit was trying to personoeuvre the trolley around the other piles of trolleys in the way while several members of staff stood and watched, the idle ghits, and personoeuvring Caliburn into the loading bay (waiting for 5 minutes only) between the van containing the guy surfing the internet on his laptop and the other van with the guy eating his sandwiches. Yes, waiting only for 5 minutes, while the staff stood and watched. I hate Belgian shop assistants. Totally unhelpful and thick as slurry.

This evening we went to see "The Untouchables" - I've seen worse films than this to be sure but to be honest it's nothing more than "The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain", but with Attitude.

Anyway tomorrow promises to be a little more exciting, and so I'm off to bed. Although whether or not I'll have sweet dreams is another thing entirely.

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