Saturday, December 10, 2011

I won't be here tomorrow night either.

I'm going to the UK next week as you know, and I've been checking ferries. And to my surprise, the ferry from Le Havre (2 hours closer to here than Calais) to Portsmouth (nearer to the Midlands than Dover) and return for Caliburn and Yours Truly is a mere €129. Only problem is that the sailing is at 17:00 which means an early start and as I don't do early, it means leaving here the night before and getting a couple of hours on the clock.

Anyway, this morning was rather ... errr ... late and had I not had a spam phone call I would probably still be asleep. And then I had another call - someone wanting to visit. That meant no work of course, and tidying up in here instead, tip that it is. That took me quite a while.

So Nan came around and we discussed the initiative that she is doing for some organisation or other about co-projects (car-sharing and that kind of thing) in the area. Thats the problem with being a minor celebrity ... "chortle chortle" - ed ... people are always sounding you out for things like this. Not that I mind, of course. It's nice to have visitors.

This evening I've been buying stuff on eBay. And getting it shipped to my mailbox in the UK. You've no idea how much money I'm saving by doing that. It's the best £25 a month I've ever spent.

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