Friday, December 9, 2011

And he didn't blog last night either!

No - that's because after tea last night I wasn't here. I went to Paris.

I'd ordered some stuff and the delivery charge was astonishing seeing how heavy everything was and so it was cheaper for me to go and fetch it. And I had a good drive there too. The Transport Cafe at Gien was open and so I even managed a shower, so I'm nice and clean for a change just recently. But parts of the drive were exciting. There's a small town where there are five or six traffic lights and they are always against you. And when I stopped at the first one the car behgind me overtook me and drove slowly through the lights. And did that all the way up to light number 5. At number 6 you do have to stop as it's a major road and I caught up with him there just as that turned to green - so I was past him again and back in front.

I stopped at a Motorway Service Area for a few hours to kip and then the final 40kms took me 2 hours. Heavy traffic was one reason, but the other reason was that I had to drive down a long tunnel and the satnav lost its bearings.

On the way back it took ages. Firstly the Satnav tried to send me down a peage with a height limit of 2 metres and so that was out. And it kept on finding me impossible routes. Eventually I followed my nose out west along the Seine until I hit the Francilienne and then south until I hit the N7 to Fontainebleu - a long way round but it brought me home. And during all of this of course we had the traffic.

The road goes through the Forest of Fontainebleu and it's quite a busy road used by any amount of truckers. And in each entry to each glade along the route there were ... errrr ... filles de joie in place waiting. I've not noticed that before.

But now I'm home and exhausted. I'm off to  a nice clean bed and tomorrow I'll unload Caliburn.

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