Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I bet you have been wondering ...

... where I've been for the last few days. The fact is that on Sunday morning when the battery went flat on the laptop I plugged it in to charge up, and after aa couple of hours, nothing had happened. So after much messing around with AVO meters and the like I worked out that power is getting to the power pack and beyond, But it isn't getting to the battery to charge it up and nothing would seem to make it.

Mind you it was on its last legs since it fell off the roof of the car in Canada, and it was only a question of time. And as it happened when I was in Montlucon at the Auchan I had seen a laptop for sale at €449 that had 1TB of hard drive and 6gb of RAM. Consequently on Monday I hit the road.

Mind you, at the Auchan I had another think. I remember that it had always been my plan to buy a small notebook computer for journeys, and use an external screen, DVD recorder and keyboard for when I'm at home. Had I not had the emergency in the UK last time, that would have been what I would have done as well. Anyway I had a look around at the huge selection of notebooks, and there I turned up an Acer Aspire 1 - 500GB of hard drive and 4gb of RAM, on offer at €299. Further enquiries revealed that they were sold out and there was only the display model left. And for that they would do me 10% off

So now I'm the owner of a new lightweight notebook and a new keyboard. There's a DVD reader somewhere around here, and there's also a flatscreen that works off 12-volt over there on the bench and I'll be looking into that as well.

I had to wait until this afternoon to get the internet connection, and now I'm up and running. And I can't get used to this "85% - 10 hours 25 minutes - left" on the battery indicator.

I've also had my stitches out too. And so tonight I'm hoping for a decent sleep at last.

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