Sunday, December 18, 2011

Julie's mum said to me ....

... that I could fit a few extra things in Caliburn as her son in law had told her that it would be quite empty coming back.

Well, absolutely.

And so seeing as I'm now back home, let me tell you what's in there. So there's a huge order from Radio Spares, a huge order or two from Screwfix, a pile of IKEA stuff, an order from Vehicle Wiring Products, a few boxes of stuff from Tesco, Asda and Morrisons, 2 spare Transit wheels and tyres, 7 rolls of roof insulation, 35 square metres of scaffolding, a 98- litre immersion heater, a pile of alumlinium from Switchblade, tubes, pipes and clamps from Benchdollar and all of the stuff out of my storage box.

I had quite a run round collecting it all but I'm sad to say that I wimped out of sleeping in the van. One night of freezing cold weather on Monday night, with the rain drumming down on the roof non-stop was enough, and a good deal or two at a local Travelodge was enough to convince me.

So Wednesday night I went to see Macclesfield play Chelmsford City in the FA Cup. What a dreadful match that was. Macc could have played with Stevie Wonder in goal and it would have made no difference.

Thursday I rescued Percy Penguin from work as she was working an extra shift and couldn't get home.

And now I'm back - I beat the snow here (but only just - a huge pile of oit followed me here) and the place was freezing as well as having been ravaged by 75 kph winds. But less than 8 hours from Le Havre to here on some pretty good roads. I'll be doing this crossing again, but the return journey needs a couchette, which costs just £20 if booked in advance.

And talking of Percy Penguin, we went out for a meal. I asked her if she fancied coq au vin and she got into the back of Caliburn.

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