Sunday, December 18, 2011

I've been changing the habits of a lifetime.

It all started this morning when I was up and about at 08:15 and that was without an alarm clock or a phone call as well.

And so having lit a fire I spent the morning writing the additional notes for the radio programme on Tuesday.

Later on, I was out working, and that's a rare event too. I started to unload Caliburn but that really didn't make much headway as there are space issues. But all of the scaffolding is off and stacked and much of the heavy stuff has been removed.

The weather clouded over too, and so I took advantage of what light there was to change Caliburn's front tyres and now he has his winter boots on. And I'm glad I did too as the ones that were on there were rather thin to say the least. Off to Terry and Liz's to drop off a load of stuff and you have no idea how much better Caliburn was handling.

And I'm glad that I fitted his wonter tyres as I said, because once I got to about Gouttieres it started to snow and it was snowing heavily by the time that I was back home.

Now I'm going to bed as I have a streaming head cold and an early night cuddled up in this warm room (and aren't I impressed with my new fire?) under the quilt will do me the world of good.

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