Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I had a lovely tea tonight.

I made myself a pizza. And what was so exciting about that was the fact that I cooked it in the little oven on the top of my new fire. With me having been in the house almost all of the day I've had the fire on all day. And I've only used three logs as well but the temperature reached 26°C, and that was what made me try out the oven seeing as how it was so hot.

It took an age to cook but nevertheless it all worked and I ws impressed with that.

So this morning I was awake at 04:30 and reading a book. But eventually I was back under the quilt where I stayed until about 10:30 - I had no plans whatsoever to get up and fight the snow which was falling quite heavily. But anyway now I have my new analogue electricity meter installed, as well as my hour meter to see how long the inverter has been running.

This afternoon I finished off the radio programme - just as well seeing as how we are recording it tomorrow, read a couple of books and that was that. And not to mlention being rung up God Knows how many times on the phone.

But I am quite impressed with this oven. I shall have to try somle further erxperiments.

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