Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gosh, it was hard this morning ...

... just as I predicted, but that's enough about my personal life. Let's talk about me trying to get out of bed. And that was hard too. And I now know what it means when they say that "so-and-so walked gingerly to the door" because that's just how I was moving.

So to change the subject, here's another photo of the lean-to and its roof. What you can't see in this photo are any slates. And that's a shame - I'll have to buy an infra-red lens because by the time that I had knocked off work (18:10 if you are wondering) the first row was already in place. And in the dark too, so I shudder to think what it might look like in the cold light of day, but I was determined to put the first row on, no matter what.

What else you can't see are the three cut pieces of plywood to make the final length, and the screws that are holding down the roof sheets onto the chevrons, because it's all covered by a plastic membrane - the type that stops water passing through but allows water vapour to escape. Yes, it's all looking good on the lean-to roof and it can chuck it down now for all I care because at least it's all weathertight. It'll be even better when all of the slates are on, whenever that might be. I can't count on the weather holding off indefinitely - it did well to hold off for these last three days while I managed to do this much.

I'm impressed by the way with the Ryobi one-plus drill that I've been using to screw the roof sheets on. Twice now it's fallen off the roof all the way to the ground and when I've picked it up each time, it's worked fine and carried on fixing the screws. I reckon that if I had fallen off the roof twice, all the way to the ground, I wouldn't be able to carry on screwing, that's for sure.


  1. The roof is looking good Eric. Quite some progress from the last photo.

  2. Did you run out of concrete blocks? There seems to be somewhat of a gap betwixt wall and roof.

  3. All of that wall collapsed not long after I bought the property. I fitted the window into the gap and rebuilt round it, and I was carrying on with the rest of it when I was taken ill in 2003. But the roof is the priority because without it, the rain is simply washing the mortar out from between the stones as fast as I can put it in.