Friday, January 13, 2012

What a gorgeous day ...

... it was today - until about 16:00 anyway. A heavy frost overnight followed by a glorious alpine blue sky and so much charge in the batteries that I ran the electric heater up here for an hour or so this afternoon. I never managed that last winter.

Up on the roof I managed another 7 rows today - that means that I'm about a third of the way up. But it'll be slow from here onwards. It gets harder the higher up you go, as the actress once famously said to the bishop. Up to now I could manage by leaning on the scaffolding. As of tomorrow I have to do it off a couple of ladders and that's not easy. But nevertheless, it's all looking good on the roof.

And so it was until about 16:00, when the temperature plummeted and we had a hanging cloud. It looks like winter has finally arrived and we shall have to see what the weather holds for us now. The weather is going to be deciding where I'm working and what I'm going.

In other news, the 1200-watt digital inverter that I ordered a few weeks ago - that's finally arrived. I've not had time to play with it but I'm quite looking forward to the possibility. That's something else I'll be doing when the weather changes.

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