Thursday, January 26, 2012

Having run out of room ...

... to store firewood once it's been cut, I've now invented the two-storey woodshed - and I bet there's certainly something narsty in that!

It's become something of a necessity to find a space to store the wood these days - having acquired a cement mixer and needing a place to store it, the logical thing to do is to build a lean-to shed, out of old scrap beams off the house roof and the corrugated iron sheets that I took off the lean-to roof, on the car park up against the end wall of the barn. But for this I need to move all of the wood that is leaning up against that wall, and the easiest way to move it is to cut it up into firewood-sized lengths and stack it somewhere. Hence the two-storey woodshed.

Of course that's not going to be its permanent home, but it will give some kind of shelter to the wood for now.

And so this morning, as well as building the woodshed, I cut up a load of wood as well. Some of it was quite thick and it showed the benefit of buying a decent saw. And it also showed the benefit of buying a wood grenade - something similar to a large chisel but with a point, not a blade, and four serrated sides. Stuck into a log of wood and wallopped with a sledgehammer, it splits the log cleanly and effectively into a more-manageable size.

This afternoon I noticed, to my surprise, that the batteries on bank 2 of the barn were fully-charged. And that was a surprise in this weather, I can say. Miserable, wet and depresssing - but that's enough about me. So with the batteries fully charged, I decided on a change. I disconnected them and connected up a couple of others, to let them charge up for a few days to see what they might do. Following that, I sorted out the extension leads and put them upstairs in the lean-to. I may as well use it now I've built it. And that led on to another idea, and I've started to install lights up there. Not that there's much need because I noticed that at 18:00 when I knocked off work, the evening was still light. Yes, the nights are getting shorter again.

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