Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We were recording again this morning.

This time in Marcillat for Radio Tartasse. We finished the "winter driving" features and started on a new topic, which is the "talking rubbish" bit - may as well try to keep the programmes in sync. But in a startling piece of news, I've been asked by Radio Tartasse if I would present a Sunday-night rock music show. Now, that's something interesting and I'll have a go at working something out for this.

Back here I decided in view of the miserable and depressing weather that I would stay in and make headway on my Trans-Labrador Highway presentation. But first I repaired the doorway into the room. The top hinge has pulled out of the doorframe (which isn't all that surprising because it's only a 10mm piece of hardboard) and the door has been falling off. But while I've been tidying up I found some 400mm strap hinges and so I screwed one of those to the top of the door - having first wedged it into position. Now it opens and closes perfectly. Second task was when I went to clean the glass door to the stove, and noticed that part of the sealing gasket had fallen out. No wonder it's not drawing properly and the room is filling slowly with smoke. Luckily I have some fireproof mastic and so I sealed it with that, and it worked so much better after that.

I didn't get much done at my presentation, as I crashed out for a few hours. I'm getting ovetired again. I did manage to wake up in time to cook tea, and I made myself a spicy aubergine and kidney bean casserole that will keep me going for three days. And it's the best I've ever made, it really is.

But I'm off to have an early night. If anything, crashing out has made me even more tired.

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