Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I forgot what I was going to to today.

It's sad, isn't it, when that happens. But probably the late start might have had something to do with it, and when I noticed that the sun was actually shining, I had a run round and cleared the solar panels of snow, to give them a head start.

So woodcutting came next, and I spent quite some time dealing with two huge tree trunks that filled a good deal of the woodshed and will keep me going for three months, I reckon. And when I talked the other day, about all of the wood that I had on hand on the ground floor of the lean-to, which is almost full of the stuff. That has been in there for years (and I do mean years) so seeing as I'm short of wood in my little room, I cut up a pile of that and brought it up here. It's bone dry of course and so it burns quite well.

But that led me on to sorting out some of the wood in there and I made a little more space. And what with finding the box of hooks, I screwed some of them into the beams and started to hang gardening tools and the like from them. Even the brushcutter has a hook of its own now.

This afternoon I started to move the wood around on the car park by the end of the barn. I'm making more space there now and I reckon I can start to think about how I'm going to build the shed to keep the motorbikes and the cement mixer.

I've also done a little experiment. I bought a handful of 12-volt work lights - the type that look like the halogen security lights that you hang from a building. What I did is to try it with a LED cluster light rather than a 50-watt halogen. And while it's nothing like as bright, of course, it's effective and I shall be using that for working purposes in future.

Finally I carried on with the wiring in the lean-to. I've found the pull light switches so I'll be installing that tomorrow. I've had to cut a hole in the floor to pass a cable through. Off to the barn I went to find a holesaw. I happened to glance at the sky and thought to myself "that looks like it might snow". So I went into the barn, found the 33mm holesaw, and walked out right into a blizzard. Yes, we're back in the snow again. I'll be up to my knees tomorrow morning.

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