Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I didn't last long ...

... outside this morning. Just enough to cut up an old rotten chevron and then cold damp hands (I forgot to dry my gloves) drove me inside.

First thing that I did was to clear the bedroom of some of the junk that was in there. A pile of cardboard boxes were flattened down, the old woodstove went outside, and they were followed by the old windows. And as an aside, I now have a woodshed with windows ;-)

Next task was to dig Caliburn out of the snow. And there was plenty to move as well. I eventually put him at the top of the hill and we went for a little drive in the snow - I need to be sure that I can move around tomorrow as he is off to be serviced.

After lunch I made some more space in the bedroom and carried on in there. Now all of the plasterboarding on the outside walls of the bedroom is finished - something about which I am very pleased. I'm glad that I've done that. It looks quite good too. What it needs now is to be all taped down at the edges and then filled. And when that's done, I can carry on with the ceiling.

That's two outside walls that have been plasterboarded. The third wall is the back wall and of course there's a fitted wardrobe built into that. The fourth wall is of course the stud wall and half of that - against the corridor - is done. The half that is against the bathroom I can't do yet until I'm able to sort out the plumbing, and I also need to fit the door. The window opening needs edging too, and then the floor has to be done. But thinking about it, I'll be putting hardboard on the floor and then putting some of that flooring stuff on top. But it's nice to see some light down at the far end of the tunnel and if this cold spell continues, I might see even more.

I'm also at the stage where I'm actively thinking about the bathroom too and how that is going to evolve. I reckon that it won't be long before I have the plasterboard on there as well. But that means replacing the floor first.

But seeing how the weather has suddenly turned nasty, I'm still impressed with that 10 days of warm weather just after New Year when I managed to do that roof. It really was astonishing.

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