Friday, January 6, 2012

I thought that you might like to see ...

... my Christmas present from Liz and Terry, before I started hacking it about.

Yes, it's nice to have good friends, especially when they make you nice things for Christmas, isn't it?

Anyway, today started off with the howling winds and gales and rain - that put the kybosh on any plans I had for working outside. I'm not going up a ladder in this weather. So after a leisurely start and watching a film, I went about tidying up the attic. And what I've done is to change things around a little. The bed is on the other side of the room now by the books and music, which is much more logical. And a wardrobe and a couple of chests of drawers have been moved around. It looks like there's more room up here now although that's an optical illusion.

That took ages to do and so by 18:00 I knocked off and had a coffee - and tucked into slice 1 of the Christmas cake. It was well worth waiting for as well. Absolutely gorgeous. I can see me enjoying that for the next few weeks to come, and quite right too.

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