Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today didn't work out ..

... like I wanted it to do. Forgetting to switch off one of the alarm clocks didn't help much, for a start. But nevertheless it was about 10:00 whan I finally surfaced.

As part one of the plan, I watched one of the the films that Marianne had bought for me for Christmas. I'm a big fan of Louis de Funes and have a great many of his films, which I can watch time and time again. But I've had loads of difficulty trying to track down one of his films that, to my mind, is by far and away the best film that he has ever made -  La Folie Des Grandeurs . It concerns de Funes as a Spanish nobleman who runs foul of the Queen of Spain. Apart from the legendary "towel in the bath" scene, it also contains the immortal lines -
de Funes "tell me some little flatteries"
Valet      "senor is the greatest Spaniard who ever lived"
de Funes "that's not flattery - that's the truth. Try again!"
Valet      "errr ... senor is very very handsome"
de Funes "that's better!"
Anyway, Marianne tracked down a copy for which I am extremely grateful, and I sat and watched it. and I'll be watching it again.

But at lunchtime, Terry rang up. He and Rob were working somewhere and they had run out of concrete. So that involved digging out the Sankey trailer and setting off for the quarry. He just had the sand/stone mix and so we had to go to St Eloy as well, and that took most of the afternoon. So much for my plans to tidy up and do some paperwork. But the tyres on the Sankey are thoroughly perished and they need to be changed before it goes anywhere else. You can't haul a tonne or two of sand and gravel on tyres like that.

So this evening was quiet - I read a book. And that's really it.

But going back to Marianne's I do remember one evening sitting down to watch La Grande Vadrouille, another de Funes film in which he stars with Terry-Thomas. It's another one of my favourites and Marianne had bought that for me as well. And as I was getting the film ready to watch, Marianne was idly surfing through the channels and what should be on the TV but La Grande Vadrouille? Coincidence or what?

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