Saturday, February 18, 2012

I finished the ceiling ...

... just before lunchtime. And I'm really impressed with how it has turned out, even if it did take ages to do. And there's 60mm of insulation underneath that tongue-and-grooving, and that is what is probably helping to keep my little attic warm. I remember just how cold it was in here when I first moved in and there wasn't any insulation at all.

But it was colder in here this morning too - a mere 14.4°C. Positively arctic, I mused to myself. And that's a difference too from 9°C from the other day, although the difference between 0.3°C outside last night (first 24-hour period for ages that it didn't get below freezing) last night and -16°C the other night is even more spectacular.

So after lunch I cleaned the pathways outside now that everywhere is warming up. I can walk about the place without sliding over now. And then it was back into the bedroom. All the joints in the plasterboard on the wall by the window are now sealed and filled, and I've almost finished sealing in the window. I started off using mastic for that but then I remembered that Terry gave me a load of mastic-type glue that he didn't think too much of, and so I used a pile of that. That has gone in from the inside, but I'll buy some proper stuff tomorrow to do the outside.

Once the window is properly sealed in, I can do the window= framing in the bedroom. The two sides and the top will (of course) be in tongue-and-grooving and I've some pine board that will do for the windowsill.

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