Monday, February 20, 2012

Wasn't Saturday a weird day?

Temperature in here was 15.4°C when I woke up. And during the course of the day the temperature in here actually increased without any heat input at all. So much so that at one stage we had 20°C in here.

Mind you, that's not surprising. Outside we had as much as 16.3°C and in the verandah, over 25°C. It really was an exceptional day.

So what to do with the surplus electrical energy? No point in heating up here, as it was warm enough on its own. No point in doing any washing either because although there is a lot to be done, I wasn't sure if enough water had been melted. The answer was to resurrect the 12-volt coffee maker. it needed a good clean as it hadn't been used for a year or so but once it was up and running we managed a good pot of coffee. And why not? It does make me wonder what I'm going to be having running next though.

But one of the drawbacks to the warm weather is that the fire, when I finally did light it up, never reached anything like hot enough to cook anything. Not that it mattered though because for some unaccountable reason I crashed out at 22:00 and apart from a brief 10 minutes of consciousness to take the readings and to switch off the computer, that was that until about 07:00 on Sunday morning.

Of course, that time of the morning is far too early for a weekday, never mind a Sunday, and so I rolled over and went back to sleep. When I did wake up I noticed that it had been raining. Liz even mentioned that at about 09:00 round by hers it had been snowing, but what do I know about 09:00 on a Sunday?

I did almost nothing at all today except deal with some payments I had to make on eBay - although I did make myself two pots of coffee - and then went round to Liz and Terry's to rehearse our radio programmes. Liz must have known that I hadn't had my usual Saturday night curry, because she had made a gorgeous chickpea curry. And not only that, she made me up a doggy bag for tomorrow and that has made my day as well.

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