Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I've had something of a busy day today.

And it started, believe it or not, with me being up and about before the alarm clock went off - something that doesn't happen every day.

So after an early breakfast I stayed in and spent much of the time on the computer working on another project for the radio, more of which anon. But this involved making a few downloads from the internet. And as I watched these downloads unfold I noticed the internet speed dropping slowly but surely. Clearly something is up, and it's high time I fixed it. That meant disabling and then deleting the MacAfee anti-virus suite, which is something pretty appalling and I can't think whyever it is that computer manufacturers bundle it in.

Once that was out of the way I went back to prehistoric computer protection, and installed the latest free AVG anti-virus software, and then Ad-Aware, Spybot and C-Cleaner, the same as I have been using for years. Sure enough, 2 viruses, 140-odd adware links and the odd bit of spyware, and half a gb of bunged-up old temporary files all littering the computer and after quite a bit of patience and persuasion, they have all gone now and I seem to have a leaner, fitter computer. Mind you, trying to download AVG at 9.3kbs took absolutely hours, but it was worth it and I'm hoping that I can win back the time in due course.

It's all very well having virus protection, but not just any old virus protection though. You need one that works.

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  1. McAfee pays the computer people to put their junk on people's systems. It's the same as Norton - bloatware that does almost nothing. There's software out there called PC Decrapifier which removes all the bundled rubbish.