Friday, February 24, 2012

I've been quiet ...

... "makes a change" - ed ... for the last couple of days. The fact is that I have been rather busy. Finishing off this presentation for Friday evening. And it's not as easy as you might think because for some reason that I haven't quite grasped, a presentation done in OpenOffice and exported as a Powerpoint presentation only displays the first 37 slides (which coincidentally runs to about 1mb) instead of the entire load of ... gulp ... 123 slides.

I've not yet found a workaround for it either.

The simple answer would be to prepare four different presentations, each one with about 30 slides in it and keep it down to under 1mb each time. Simple, you might think, except that OpenOffice doesn't seem to offer the possibility to delete multiple selections of slides. It seems to be just one at a time, and that will take forever to do that.

Apart from that, I've not done very much. This morning I cut up another pile of wood for in here, and doesn't the lean-to start to look empty now, especially as I discovered that a major proportion of the heap in the middle is actually bricks and stone from when the wall collpased all those years ago. Moving some of that stuff out has made quite a difference, that's for sure. It's going to be a while though before I can finish in there though - a term of years is not unlikely. The more wood I cut up, the more that I seem to find.

I also had a good look at the window in the bedroom? Having given the matter considerable thought, I now know how I'm going to do the surround. And the next chance that I have to work in there, I'll make a start.

But tomorrow I'll be printing off my notes because the presentation is at 20:00. Everyone is invited!

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