Friday, February 3, 2012

I have to be up at 06:00 in the morning GRRRRRRR!

Yes, having left Caliburn in the Ford garage at Montlucon and having arranged to pick it up today, the snow fell really heavily in the night, to such an extent that Liz was snowed in at her home and couldn't get out to go to work, and so couldn't take me to Montlucon to rescue Caliburn and Strawberry Moose. She doesn't go back into work until Tuesday and that's a long time to be without transport - not that there's anywhere you can actually get to right now.

Anyway so ringing up the garage to tell them about the change in plans I ended up talking to a guy who I know who works there and who actually lives in Virlet. He's offered to take me there in the morning which is wonderful - the downside of this being that he opens up the garage in the morning and so leaves home at 06:30. Still, beggars can't be choosers.

So what did I do today then if I didn't go to Montlucon? Not much because when I went down to breakfast at 08:45 (early for once) the temperature in the verandah was -6.3°C and outside, a healthy -8.5°C. Yes, winter is here and you don't feel much like working. Back up here I lit a fire and did some more work on the presentation until the laptop battery went flat, and seeing that it was 13:00 I went to keep warm by cutting up some wood. And I have piles now, but enough about my personal life.

After lunch, which was exciting as the water in the water jug that I was using to fetch water from the container in the barn was freezing over in just the time it took to walk 10 metres, I went into the bedroom and made a good bit of progress on the ceiling. I had a few phone calls, not the least of which was from Dave in Hexham and that's always a pleasant surprise.

Cooking tea was exciting. -7.0°C in the verandah and the food was freezzing rather than cooking, and washing up with snow is exciting too. But I'm not going far - in fact I'm off to bed. I need my beauty sleep. 06:00 in the morning. Hah! 

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