Saturday, February 4, 2012

So how did this 6am start go this morning?

Surprisingly enough, when the alarm went off at 06:00 I was already wide awake. Well, maybe not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but I was there. And what was nice about it was that it was 14.9°C in the room here, and when I riddled the ashes, there was still a glimmer of red heat in there. So when the guy telephoned at 06:30 to say that he was on his way, I strode out of my room personfully and was almost knocked flat on my back. It wasn't the -10°C in the verandah that did it but the -15.8°C outside. The second-lowest temperature ever recorded here.

We inched our way into Montlucon and I went to sit in a cafe until 08:00 when the garage opened and I could reclaim Caliburn, which cost me an arm and a leg to do so but I'll tell you what - for the first time ever, there are some real brakes on Caliburn and he stops just like he ought to do. He also handles so much better as well.

And that was only the beginning of the expenditure. After that, it was off to Lapeyre, from where I bought the house windows. They told me last time I was there that they were discontinuing that product line in February and so if I wanted the matching door I needed to order it then. And so I did - a nice fully-glazed front door, one large panel to match the windows. Cheapest there is, as it happens but why I wanted it is that it lets in the most light.

Back in Pionsat I bought a few bits and pieces off the tool lorry at the market and then went round to Marianne's for a coffee and a chinwag.

After that I came home and did some work. There's a pile more timber gone into the bedroom ceiling and I've also carried on drilling away at the wall in the lean-to. But that's hard work as the drill is really heavy and I'm up against some granite right now. I also experimented with ways of unfreezing the water, something that I'll need to be thinking of soon. One way I'm going to try is to wrap an old Volvo heated seat pad around the tap and connect it to the excess charge circuit - see what that does.

Tonight I had a gorgeous tea - a huge plate of chips and baked beans. It's so cold that I've bought a large bag of oven chips, put it in a plastic container and buried it in a snowdrift. I brought a pile of them up here and cooked them in the oven bit of my stove, and cooked the saucepan in there as well. It took a while but it was well worth waiting for, and i'll be having oven chips again.

But washing up after was something else. Chopping board stuck to the table, tea towel stuck to the oven, everything else stuck to something else. I've got the water and the fruit and veg up here with me. Frozen lettuce goes not taste very nice, especially with frozen cucumber

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