Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It was a pleasure ...

... to wake up this morning with a temperature of 13.5°C up here in the room. It's been a while since I've had a temperature like that. Mind you, what wasn't a pleasure was being woken up by a phone call at some ungodly hour of the morning. However, it did concern work so I can't complain too much I suppose, even if it did get me off on the wrong foot.

 After all of that, I went to beat the bounds of the property. As you know, we had a right caning of snow through the night and I wanted to see what the weather had done to the place. The answer is, as you might expect, that I'm properly snowed in and I shan't be going anywhere for a bit.

As an aside, you can see the Sankey trailer and the Minerva, and also the orange central heating tank that Simon gave me to use to store biofuels in.

So while I was checking up on the house, I had a brainwave, and that set me off rummaging in the barn. In the apartment in Brussels I had a small white kitchen table with two drop leaves and I remember bringing it down here. That had to be around somewhere and eventually I found all of the pieces. I've brought it up here and assembled it in the room, and laid all of the kitchen stuff on it. It's now making quite a useful kitchen worktop up here and I wished that I had remembered it earlier.

This afternoon I didn't manage to do very much as I had a whole series of phone calls one after the other, and so it was pretty much a wasted day. Still, there will be other days.

Tea was baked potatoes and spicy beans, cooked in the oven. This was an excellent buy, this new woodstove.

But the temperature outside just now is astonishing - minus 1.6°C. That's over 10°C improvement from last night. If that kind of temperature transforms itself into a decent daytime temperature, I might even have some water tomorrow. And not before time - I'm now reduced to melting buckets of snow.

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