Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I had my first culinary disaster tonight.

Returning home after the Anglo-French group meeting (hardly a group meeting, there was just me, myself and I there) it was a wicked 6.4°C in my little room. That called for some desperate measures.

I'd finished off the beans and chips last night and so that meant pizza this evening. and I soon had a roaring blaze going - one that had the room up to 18°C in under an hour. Unfortunately it was rather too roaring and it burnt the base of the pizza and of the garlic bread. I've never ever had that before - it just goes to show you what you can do when you really try. Especially as the rice pudding was cooked to perfection, and that's a first as well.

Cooking the beans and chips was the most energetic thing that I did on Sunday. A day of rest indeed. But this morning, in the cold and damp overcast weather I had another marathon woodcutting session in the lean-to. I'm cutting up the wood that is in there. It's perfectly dry and been that way for years hence I can burn it up here straight away without having to leave it standing for a year or so, and that explains the roaring inferno that I had this evening.

Apart from that, I've been working on the ceiling of the bedroom again. It's taking ages to do, but it won't half look nice when it's finished.

Tonight it didn't go cold again. It just stayed hovering around the -3°C mark. And at 18:00 the heavens opened and we had the snow. It's still snowing now in fact. Haven't times changed?

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