Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It wasn't quite as warm this morning.

A mere 13.4°C up here in fact. But considering that the temperature had dropped to -2.2°C outside last night and that I had no heating on in here last night either, I was quite impressed by that. I'm wondering in fact whether or not it's staying warmer up here since I finished the ceiling in the room below. It does seem like it.

This morning I went off and picked up Liz, and then we made our way down to Gerzat to record the Radio Arverne programmes. And wasn't that a farce? They have had new computers and new programs installed and Bernard didn't know how to work it all. It took quite a bit of telephone assistance together with a little first-hand aid from Yours Truly to organise everything. At one stage it looked like we might have to come back and do it all over again - an idea that didn't impress me too much.

Instead of being a quick hour or so it ended up more like two and a half hours. Both Liz and I had things to do this afternoon so that meant hurrying back up here to get ready, and then off to Radio Tartasse to carry out another little task, more of which anon.

Today we had well over 11 hours of solar energy - a huge improvement on winter's previous best of 10:49. It seems that the weather has suddenly opened up. So much so that when I came back from Radio Tartasse I did a little gardening - not on my garden but in the lane there are several small trees starting to grow and their branches have been scratching the side of Caliburn. I spent a pleasant half hour or so cutting them down.

I had a fire up here tonight although it wasn't strictly necessary. And the temperature went to over 25°C while I cooked my baked potatoes and ratatouille. It won't be much longer before I have to abandon the idea of cooking up here on the stove. It's warming up far too much.

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