Sunday, February 26, 2012

One thing that I can never understand ...

... is how it is that it can be 4:30 in the morning and I'm wide awake and I only go to bed because it's force of habit - and yet next morning I wake up, don't move for ages, slowly come round, eventually make sure that I'm wide awake and then get up because there's no point in lying in any longer, and it's only 09:20. I don't understand that at all.

And so despite it being a day of rest, I did the script for the new radio show, more of which anon, and then went off toi watch the football as the season has restarted. I was spoilt for choice - the 1st XI were at home to Chanat and the 2nd XI were away at Lapeyrouse. Now I've never been to Lapeyrouse for a match, believe it or not, but the 1st XI match sounded much more interesting and so I waited until 14:50 and went down to the ground, only to find the game postponed. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!! If only someone had let me know! Mind you, it's probably as well that I didn't go, because the 2nd XI were soundly spanked by the opposition.

Yesterday though, I did even less. Just did a little bit of tidying up and went for an hour or two shopping. That was it, really. Nothing remarkable.

But what was remarkable today is that I had to cook my tea downstairs in the verandah on the gas stove. Reason - I've not had the fire lit all day. When I woke up it was 17°C and it's currently 15.5°C. Isn't this all a big change from two weeks ago?

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