Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was busy today

First thing, after breakfast, was to check all of this paperwork that I've been doing, and then take a few pieces down to the mairie to sign or countersign. Back here then, I then had to photocopy everything, or scan it for reference.

Bill rang me up too - he was having computer issues and needed help sorting that out and so I told him that when I had done my errands I would go round to help.

First stop was the bank, to pay an outstanding bill. And there was Bill in front of me. He managed to make the woman at the cash desk crash her computer and so we all had an agonising wait while she tried to fix it.

So having sorted that problem, it was off to the Post Office. They have a guaranteed 2-day delivery service, which is what I need, but of course none of the special envelopes. She can order one, but it won't get here until the morning. At my insistence, she rang the St Gervais office. They had one in and the parcel lorry was there and so St Gervais sent it down in the lorry, the postal clerk put my papers into it, and handed it to the parcels driver to send it on its way. At least I hope that she did - it's what she told me that she would do and she better had as well, for I am working to a strict time limit here.

Down to the boulangerie. There was no delivery this morning and so I needed to buy the bread. But woe is me - the boulangerie closes for lunch between ... errr ... 13:00 and 15:00. This meant a trip to the Intermarché for some bread, so I picked up a loaf and wandered over to the till. A woman with a full-to-overloaded trolley saw me coming and ... quickly put her purchases onto the conveyor belt. Aren't some people nice?

At Bill's I managed to fix his computer for him and then we had a good chat for ages - all about old cars, buses and the like. It always helps to pass the time of day.

But it was cold today and so I lit the fire up here this evening. So much so that I lit the fire for the first time in 10 days. And taking advantage, I cooked baked potatoes and baked beans for tea.

Tomorrow I'll do some gardening, I reckon. That is, unless the weather is really bad. It's clear skies and stars outside just now but this is the Auvergne and things can change in a moment.

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