Monday, March 5, 2012

It was Sunday today ...

... and despite me having another one of these "04:30 in the morning" sessions, it was 10:25 when I was up and about. Just as well, though, because I had to have an early start. Pionsat's 1st XI was playing Clermont Fontaine du Bac's 2nd XI today and that necessitated a drive almost to Aubière - and the kick-off was at 13:00. That meant an 11:30 start from here.

Finding the stadium was easy. Finding the entrance was something else. Eventually, after many trials and tribulations, I stumbled upon it - in the ... errr ..."rue du Fontaine du Bac". D'ohhhh!!!!

The opponents were a good strong attacking side, and Pionsat's team was ... errr ... somewhat makeshift, especially in defence. Not one of the four established full-backs was out there today. And Jerome, who usually tears up opposition defences, was on the bench (the only substitute as well) and Franck resisted all temptation to put him on the field in place of the one or two attacking midfielders who were clearly only there in body this afternoon. He managed a brief 15-minute cameo when Cedric was forced to hobble off. It was no surprise that Pionsat lost 3-1, and it was something of a disappointment.

ON the way back I stopped to fuel up at the Auchan at Clermont - and €1.42 per litre for the diesel. It's ridiculous the cost of fuel right now, and it's not going to let up.

It's also raining - the first time for 8 days - and the wind has shifted direction and is blowing from the north-west. We've been promised snow again on Tuesday and by the looks of things it may well be here before that.

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