Thursday, March 8, 2012

I've been cracking on in the garden today.

I've finally dug out where the new bed is to go, so that's all prepared. But in a change of plan I decided that the old raised bed was too badly knocked about and damaged and seeing as I have plenty of wood, I threw parsimony to the wolves and knocked myself up another. It's slightly larger than the other and it fits so much better into the scheme of things as you can see.

I then had a pleasant hour or so weeding some of the pathways. Now that I've found the stuff that I was going to use as a weed blanket (as I knew that I would) I'm going to lay it on the pathways, cover it in the sand and mud mortar that I raked out of the house wall, and then top it off with the broken slates from the house roof.

For the rest of the afternoon I did some weeding of the raised beds - starting with the two that had the main crop potatoes. Unfortunately the bad weather has done for most of those and there aren't very many worth salvaging. But never mind. I did notice that the garlic is looking quite healthy though and it won't be much longer before I can pull that up.

This morning though I spent my computer hours working on some of the footy pages. I've been letting them slip just now so I need to get myself up to date. I won't be doing that tomorrow though - I'm expecting visitors so I need to tidy up a little.

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