Thursday, March 8, 2012

I had another one of those nights last night - still awake at 04:30 and up again before the alarm went off at 08:00. And so I'm pretty whacked right now.

Today started with a major tidying up as planned due to my expecting a visitor. And while I was making good progress the aforementioned visitor rang up to cancel. Ahh well. So back to the computer for an hour or two.

Once the computer session had taken place I went outside and finished weeding last year's potato beds. There were about 20 potatoes that I salvaged but some of them had started to sprout. So what I did with those was to put them in the raised bed that I had laid down the previous day. We'll see what happens with that lot. But there is already a potato plant fully established in one of those beds. There's no sense in moving that and so we'll leave that in position to confuse the beans and peas that will be going into that bed.

After that, things became confusing. I have garlic growing in the next row of beds and so I started to clear out the row after that. In there I discovered some carrots that I must have missed and so I started to clear out the following row of beds so that I can move the carrots. But in there are some leeks, so I found out, and they need to be moved another rown higher ... anyway, you get the picture. I'm going to start at the top and move downhill instead.

But then I was sidetracked by a row of nettles that was growing in front of the old Mercedes that is festering in the field, and so I started tugging at that. This turned into something of a major session of weeding higher up the garden and by the time that I had finished (19:15 - isn't that something of a record?) for the evening, I was well on my way to clearing a rather large part of the wilderness that will eventually be the lawn, whenever that might be.

I've worked really hard today. No wonder I'm knackered.

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