Saturday, March 10, 2012

What a glorious day today!

Apart from the wind, which had the wind turbines going round for most of the day, we had beautiful blue skies with not even a trace of cloud anywhere. I'm not sure how much solar energy I received but there was about 55 amps in the barn, with all of the batteries fully-charged - and here in the house when I looked at about 17:00 we had had 250 amp-hours with some more after that. That's a total of something in the region of about 4 KwH and that can't be much short of a record.

The water temperature in the dump load had reached 63°C as well by 15:30 and so with all of that kind of thing today, there was only one thing to be done. And that was a load of washing. I'm not quite completely up-to-date with it, but there's not much left to be done. And if I go to the swimming baths tomorrow (if the good weather keeps up) I'll treat myself to the luxury of clean bedding tomorrow night.

While the washing was doing, I did some tidying up on the ground floor in here. I did a lot too, as you might expect in 90 minutes, but you can't see any improvement. There's that much that needs to be sorted out there. 90 minutes isn't even chipping away at the edges.

This morning though, after computing, I went back outside and did an hour or so on the wasteland that I started to clear yesterday when I should have been doing the vegetable beds. That's much easier to clear than the downstairs of the house and the results are so much more tangible as well. I've actually made it to the stone wall at the boundary of my property and that's astonishing. The downside of this is that the heap to burn is far too high for safety where it is, and I shall either have to move it elsewhere or else burn it in stages - probably the latter.

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