Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brain of a duck!

Yes, I drove all of the way to Commentry to do my shopping this afternoon, only to find when I arrived there that I had forgotten my money, my wallet and my bank cards. And so all the way back to here to fetch them and then go all the way back again.

That meant that I didn't have time to do much shopping and so I just did the bare essentials - and then only some because I forgot quite a lot, I reckon. And after that, a nip to the swimming baths at Neris.

It was freezing in there this afternoon and I wasn't sorry to come out after an hour or so, but I did have an amusing time watching a group of kids in there. All aged between 6 and 8 I reckon and all came in individually with parents, but after a while I noticed that they were all playing together in a corner of the shallow end. It never ceases to amaze me how unselfconscious kids of that age are, and how quickly they all seem to integrate.

Pionsat were playing Sauret this evening at football. For once they had a full side out with a couple of new players as well as a few decent players who have featured for the second XI. And so they spent most of the match peppering the Sauret goal whereas the opposition just contented themselves with a few breakaways. And such is the perversity of modern football that Sauret won the encounter by 2-1. This was another match that Pionsat threw away. They really do need to win encounters like this.

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