Monday, March 12, 2012

Continuing with ...

... the saga of weird football matches, I went to Terjat this afternoon to watch Turgid play a team from Montlucon - Bien Assis I think - seeing as how there was no Pionsat team in action this afternoon.

The trainer for Turgid, with whom I struck up some kind of conversation last time I was there and which carried on this afternoon, told me that in the league tables Turgid were well ahead of their opponents, and that they needed to win (which everyone was expecting) to keep up some kind of reasonable pretensions for promotion.

They were right about the "well ahead of their opponents" bit, because a more one-sided game you would not wish to see. But from the first attack of the game one of the Bien Assis forwards had a weak shot on goal, well covered by the keeper and which would have been comfortably saved had the ball not taken a wicked deflection off a Turgid defender and rolled into the far corner of the net. For the remaining 89 minutes Turgid were camped in the opposition half with their keeper being merely an interested spectator.

The final score? Yes, you guessed it. 1-0 for Bien Assis.

As an aside, the Turgid keeper had one of the most powerful kicks I have ever seen and his clearances upfield were outpacing his attackers every time. And one of the Turgid central defenders was the best header of the ball that I have ever seen at this level of football. In fact this game was quite a decent match for aerial prowess. I've not seen another match quite like this one for that kind of thing. But the referee came out onto the field of play having left his cards in the dressing room. At least that's the only reason I can think of as to how we managed to reach the end of 90 minutes of this match without a single card being shown, despite the kind of goings-on that we had during the game. "Hard-fought" is probably quite an apt description.

In other news, I had something of a lie-in today. In fact, 11:29 was when I crawled out of my stinking pit. About time I had a good lie-in.

We are also having a record day for wind power. I've had the power meter connected up for about 10 days or so, and we've had more wind today than the cumulative figure over the other 9 days. It really is quite impressive. 

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