Monday, March 12, 2012

What an exciting day!

The first exciting thing that happened was me lying wide awake in bed for ages thinking that I may as well get up - and finding when I did so that it was all of 07:45 - a good half-hour before the alarm goes off. And not only that - with having had the fire on up here last night to cook a pizza, it was 16.6°C in here too, and it actually felt warm as well.

So having had breakfast and another load of coffee I did a pile of stuff on the computer. And then it was off outside to survey the house and barn - something that, quite surprisingly, I have never done. It was not only glorious sunshine but a really strong wind and once more the wind energy today exceeded the cumulative total since I installed the power meter. And all of that was totally exciting as well.

Knocking off at 18:30 I discovered that the water in the dump load was heated to over 68.5°C and that's a record this year. I had a gorgeous hot wash and shave with the water at that temperature and that made me feel so much better.

At the Anglo-French group tonight we had two new attendees, Isobel from the Comcom at Marcillat and her friend. We all had a really good night down there in St Gervais. And on the way home, the stars are the brightest that I have seen for a while. There are thousands of them out there, and Jupiter and Venus are wonderful. I can't see Uranus though.

Back here, the water in the dump load was still 61°C and so I rounded the evening off by doing the washing-up with it, saving the gas supply for tonight.

So you can see what I mean about "exciting", can't you.

But in really depressing news, it's three years tonight that Liz left us all. Time travels so fast these days but it can't dim the lights.

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