Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just for once ...

... Pionsat's 2nd XI had a little bit or two of luck. On several occasions Loubeyrat's forwards broke clean through the centre of the Pionsat defence with only François to beat - a rather regular occurrence - and twice they hit the woodwork and on a couple of other occasions they either put it wide or over the top.

They did actually score two goals, but so did Pionsat, and the match ended 2-2. It's the first point that they have won in an age, and considering that Loubeyrat are second in the table this is a good result for Pionsat.

This morning though I was working up here - preparing for a radio programme or four. Doing the gardening bit and also the French expressions. Tomorrow I have to do the main part of the programme - the information. We're running out of stuff to present but I collared Max at the football tonight. He's the part-time secretary at a couple of mairies and he did promise me to let me have copies of the arretes prefectorial - the local by-laws - but he keeps forgetting. And so I have to keep on reminding him.

And seeing as it was so nice today not only did I have a solar shower (35.5°C and with a saucepan of hot water from the dump load thrown in to warm it up even more) I did a load of washing. "Up-to-date" I hear you say, and it's true that everything that was hanging around, as well as what needed washing from this last week, but of course I found some more stuff lying around that I had overlooked and so the pile hasn't diminished. What was nice about the wash was that the temperature of the water was well over 70°C. What I did was to run part of the clothes through the wash at 70°C and then left them to soak while I went off to do a quick bit of shopping at St Eloy. When I came back the water had of course cooled down and so I put the woolly jumpers in from winter and gave them a run round in the machine. That will have sorted them out.

But what with one thing or another there seems to be plenty of surplus energy around. I think that I'm going to have to switch the fridge on for 24 hours every day so that the batteries can run down a little overnight. If it's a miserable grey day I can always unplug it in the morning.

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