Sunday, March 25, 2012

There are no photos ...

... of Pionsat 3rd XI's match against Blot l'Eglise this afternoon. I was busy doing other things. Like running the line.

Well, walking the line, if it comes to that. It was a hot day and I'm not as young as I used to be. "But surely the linesmen have to keep up with play" said Steve. Indeed they do, but that's never an issue with Pionsat's 3rd XI. They aren't as young as they used to be either.

But I did feel so sorry for them. Again, playing without anyone with any pretensions to goalkeeping, the first goal that they conceded was from a corner with the keeper stranded in no-man's-land (or "no-person's-land" as was once famously said by the legendary Turdi de Hatred on one memorable occasion quite some tiime ago). Either come for the ball or stay on your line - don't dither, otherwise you will be beaten by the looping header over the top. Apart from that, the match was finely-balanced and although Pionsat didn't offer much up front, the Blot l'Eglise team never ever gave the keeper anything serious to worry about, despite all of their possession.

The second half saw a different goalkeeper (said he, using the term loosely) and once again in this half there was nothing to differentiate either team. That is, until tragedy struck late in the game. And not once, but twice. On both occasions the Blot attackers had a decent fiery shot on goal. On both occasions the Pionsat keeper dived full length qnd got both hands to it. On both occasions he couldn't hang on to the ball. On both occasions he dropped it - right at the feet of one of the Blot forwards. And that, I'm afraid to say, was that.

The big difference was, that I have said at great length on many occasions, that the Pionsat hierarchy is not doing enough to find a real goalkeeper for the 3rd XI. And the fact that they went off to Blot this afternoon without anyone being asked to accompany them to run the line is something else about which I can rant for ever.

After that I shot off down to Menetrol to watch the Ist XI. They have a decent side - not as good as Clermont Bac du Fontaine the other week but decent all the same, and they scored just as I arrived - some 20 minutes late. And they scored another later in the game. Pionsat pulled one back late in the match but the referee then, inexplicably, blew for the end of the game with, according to Franck, 3 minutes of normal time remaining - never mind stoppage time. And there were a couple of bizarre refereeing decisions made in this game, as well as a completely one-sided issue of yellow cards, to the detriment of Pionsat.

Apart from that. I had an early start this morning due to an urgent need to ride the porcelain horse, and so with the hour's difference today as well, I'm not feeling myself, which is just as well as it's a disgusting habit anyway. But I did some more work on the radio programme before the early start to Blot.

After the football it was round to Liz and Terry's to discuss the radio programmes and Liz cooked a gorgeous meal. Penne al arrabiata. The recipe calls for two chilis but Liz only had small ones so she put in 4, forgetting that the smaller the chili the more concentrated the spicy effect is. But then again who's complaining? Especially as there was ginger cake for pudding.

I also picked up a hitch-hiker coming back from Menetrol. I do that every now and again, really out of thanks to the thousands of people who have picked me up while hitch-hiking in the days of my youth. But it's a windy road from Chatel-guyon to St George and I bet he was glad when I stopped to drop him off. It's doubtful if he knew how quickly a Transit Van can move when the driver has his foot down, and how well the aforementioned handles with decent tyres on it. Caliburn is running quite well just now. 

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