Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And so after my Johnny Cash impression yesterday ...

... you know, "I walk the line" - which is so much better than my impersonation of Glen "I am a linesman for Notts County" Campbell, I had a quiet day today and I hardly went out.

Seeing as I was in the mood - which doesn't happen all that often - I wrote a huge raft of stuff for the radio programmes. As well as a few more of the 20 questions I did an article about how to appeal against a speeding ticket and also some more useful phrases in French for our non-French-speaking listeners.

That was really about it, I suppose. But I did have a heated shower. The temperature in the dump load went off the scale again and so I tipped 10 litres of the hot water into the solar-heated shower tank (which raised that up to a glorious 42.5°C) and put 10 litres of cold water into the dump load, which cooled that down to 62°C.

Tomorrow we are radioing in the morning and in the afternoon I'll have a bash in the garden. I have garlic, onions and shallots to plant, as well as the shrubs that I bought the other week. And not forgetting the raspberry plants that Liz gave me either.


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  2. and just a few days after you were telling me that you were planning to be less confrontational as well :-(